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Highway Hypodermics:  Travel Nursign 2015

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Travel Nurse across America


The Ultimate Site For Travel Nursing Information

Just reviewed a book by my colleague, Elizabeth Scala!

Great book!!! 

I' proud to be a "neighbor" to her on thce Top Ten New Releases on Amazon!!!

Check out the review HERE


" ...an informative website full of information for the travel nurse.  Epstein has personal experience with travel nursing and can be considered a reliable source of information.”   ~GypsyNurse


A big thanks to A-Train Education who is providing the CEUs for the Travelers Conference. 

Check them out for all your Continuing education Needs!




Dates for the Travelers Conference have been released!!!

This year's travelers conference, which Highway Hypodermics is a big part of every year, have been set for September 23rd - 24th, 2014.  This year is going to be different in that Monday afternoon will be boot camp for newbies and dreamers!  Tuesday and Wednesday will be main part of the conference with two FULL days of programs and networking.  To find out more, check it out HERE.


The Top Ten Travel Nursing Companies for 2014 has been released!!!

Health Providers Choice, OneStaff Medical, TotalMed Staffing, and PPR all make the top ten list for the first time! Unfortunately, Travel Nurse across American, Talemed, Freedom Healthcare, Pro-Med Staffing, and Trinity Healthcare have dropped off of the Top Ten with many of them in the Honorable Mention group.  To see where everyone ranks check it out!!! HERE


December 2, 2013:  With 2014 coming soon, Travel Companies need to prepare!

December is crunch time for last minute shopping, which may also include last minute shopping for a great travel company.  Which companies will make the top of the list this year?  Nurses, make sure that your Travel Company EVALUATION is in!  Companies, make sure that your BENEFITS and PROFILE is updated!


November 29, 2013:  Recruiter Responses are available now! 

Recently Epstein asked recruiters, "What would you do..." in five different scenarios.  Find out there answers HERE!


September 15, 2013:  New Groups added to Facebook!  Join the authority on Travel Nursing in an RV and Traveling Nursing while Homeschooling!

Epstein has done both!  She lived in a 35ft RV for 2 years and traveled through Iowa, Mississippi, Oklahoma, California, and Arizona.  She now lives in a 29ft RV in that she has taken to California!  Learn more HERE!

From 2003 to 2008 Epstein homeschooled her son, and since then has kept up with the trends and issues with homeschooling children.  Epi thought that she couldn't travel related to "providing a stable environment" to her son.  That was BS!  Find out how she and YOU can homeschool your child while being on the road full time as a traveling nurse HERE!


August 20, 2013:  Travel Company Updated Profiles

New and updated travel company profiles are starting to roll in!  Medical Staffing Solutions Inc (MSSI) has been added!  Check out the profiles for Critical Nurse Solutions, Flexcare, Fortus Healthcare, Healthcare Starz, IPI Travel, Travel Nurse across America, Trinity Healthcare, and Trustaff

Is your favorite company not on the list?  Have them fill out the Travel Company Interview form NOW!


Highway Hypodermics:  Travel Nursing 2014

In 2005, the first edition of the "Highway Hypodermics" book series was born.  Wow, can't believe that this has been a number one book for travel nurses for almost TEN years now!  Although this book has been updated every 2-3 years, time for a new rewrite!  ALL chapters will be new in next edition!  Everyone can have a part in the next book!

  • Company Interviews can be found HERE

  • Recruiter Interviews can be found HERE

  • Travel Nurse Stories can be found HERE


The Top Ten For 2013

The evaluation and benefit points have been tallied up and the publication is here!   For the first year in quite a while. There are NO ties this year!  There are 10 top companies with 10 honorable mentions. While Cirrus Medical Staffing, HRN, and Nurses in Partnership slip off of the Top Ten, Flexcare, Valley Medical Staffing, and Trinity Healthcare jockey for new positions.  Check out this year's Top Ten Travel Companies HERE.


Our Video's

Check out Epstein's interview with editor Bobbi Harrison from Healthcare Traveler Magazineon  YouTube!  MGM Conference expert panel.  Epstein talking about nurse and agency relations. Promotional for the book, "Highway Hypodermics:  Travel Nursing 2007"


Highway Hypodermics:  The Book

The Highway Hypodermics book series was started in 2003 and an updated version is released every 2 to 3 years.  The latest edition, Highway Hypodermics:  Travel Nursing 2012 is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon Kindle.  Find out more HERE.


Highway Hypodermics:  The Website

Highway Hypodermics was born in 2003 when Epstein started out in travel nursing.  As she looked for information, she wrote down everything that she learned and then started delving more into the companies.  The collection of benefits data soon became "The Ultimate List of Travel Companies."  The companies which provided their benefits and filled out a Company Interview form are also eligible for the Top Ten Travel Companies, an annual list of companies when comparing their benefits and their evaluations.  After filling out the form, the company will also be spotlighted on our Travel Company Spotlight page.


Travelers Evaluations of Companies and Hospitals!

Don't go into your next assignment blind!  Before you begin, check out the Company Evaluationsand the Hospital Evaluations page.  After your assignment, go to the Company Evaluation Questionnaire and fill it out regarding your satisfaction with the company and then fill out aHospital Evaluation Questionnaire!


Social Media and Blogs!

Seems like everyone is on Facebook.  There are two ways to follow the happenings!  News related to the books and other publishing can be tracked through Epstein LaRue's Facebookpage.  To keep up with changes in the Highway Hypodermics website, can be found at Highway Hypodermics Facebook page.  Up to date travel nursing news can be found through ourHighway Hypodermics Blog.


Epstein's Extras!

What to know what it's really like to be a traveling nurse? Over 200 stories can be found on our 10+ pages of Travel Nursing Stories.  Wondering what to ask a travel company or hospital?  Check out the Hospital Interview Form and the Trave Company Interview Form.  Website addresses, mailing addresses and phone numbers for all the state nursing boards can be found on our State Board page!  Not finding exactly what you want at this website? We have partnered up with many other Travel Nursing Websites have even more information!


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