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Help in Finding your way!

Sometimes you need a little help along the way.  Here are some of our favorite travel nursing friendly links!

Our Favorites:

Blue Pipes - BluePipes is a professional networking platform dedicated to healthcare professionals. Its mission is simple: provide healthcare professionals with unique career management tools to help them manage their careers more efficiently and successfully.

Travel Tax - Tax preparation for travel nurses and other traveling medical and mobile professionals. Having worked as a travel respiratory therapist, Joseph’s background provides a superior understanding of tax issues for the mobile professional. New clients are always welcome and initialconsultations are always free.

Kamana Health - Kamana provides user-focused healthcarestaffing software for healthcare staffing agencies, nurses, and allied healthprofessionals. One profile, maximum efficiency!” All-in-one secure profile to manage your credentials, resume, and career.
Wanderly - Wanderly is a place made for healthcare professionals to compare travel healthcare jobs from leading agencies. Browse transparent job offers and Quick Apply.When you’re ready, share your contact information in one easy click.Learn more about a job or agency without ever having to reveal your identity.

Facebook Groups and Pages:

Highway Hypodermics Facebook Page - A place where travel nurses can share their adventures and learn of assignments that are provided to our followers by our advertisers.
Travel Nursing Newbies - Travel healthcare just got easier! Healthcare providers do not have to wander around aimlessly; we take them by the hand andlead them through the jungle of travel healthcare.
Highway Hypodermics: RV Travelers - A place for traveling nurses and travelers in RVs come together to share stories!
Highway Hypodermics: Homeschooling Travel Nurses - The place where Travel Nurses go to find outwhat and how others are homeschooling their children while on the road.

Taxes, retirement, & Financial Planning Resources

Travel Tax - Tax preparation for travel nurses and other traveling medical and mobileprofessionals. Having worked as a travel respiratory therapist for over three years, Joseph’s background provides a superior understanding of tax issues for the mobile professional. New clients are always welcome and initial consultations are always free.

Diversify, Inc - Certified Financial Planners, health insurance provider, and home and auto insurance provider -Surrounding yourself and your family with the rightfinancial team is one of the most important decisions you will make. As you make that life-changing decision, we encourage you to experience The DiversifyDifference.

Edward Jones - Financial Advisor: Taylor Howe - When it comes to your financial future, it’s important to work with someone who takes time to understand you and your situation. Taylor takes astep-by-step approach to identify your goals and develop specific strategies to help you achieve them.

Travel Housing Sites:

Travel Housing Pro - Created with the business traveler in mind. While we offer nightly and weekend get-a-ways, the Travel Housing Pro website is focused on attracting the long-term traveler by offering many trusted housing options that rent for 30, 60, or 90 days or more!

Professional Associations:

PAN Travelers - The Professional Association of Nurse Travelers, is the national association for traveling healthcare professionals. As an Association member, all the resources and expertise of the association are available to you, including valuable content, resources, tools, and services, including legal aid.

City & Salary Information:

Homefair - House moving relocation analysis, city information, salary calculators,and lots more. Get complete information, quotes, and articles on movingand relocation.
Salary Wizard - Free Salary Wizard offers you the 100% employer-reported salary information you’ve come to know and trust. But we also understand that your salary and earning potential empower you to make pivotal life decisions—like picking a college, buying a home, or retiring early. is more than just salary information; it’s advice on making life decisions.

GSA Website - Government Service Administration - Delivering effective and efficient government services for the American People. GSA also promotes management best practices and efficient government operations through the development of government wide policies, including policies for travel healthcare professionals.

Travel Nursing Forums:

Delphi Travel Nurses & Therapists Forum, TNT - A unique collection of medical professionals.They come to offer and find community support, answers to our questions andmeet fellow travelers. We are here to share our knowledge and to assist inlearning the ins and outs of the exciting life of the traveler. 
All Nurses - One of the largest forums for nurses which has a special section just for traveling nurses.

General Travel Nursing Resources:

Highway Hypodermics - Travel nursing articles, company benefitcomparisons, company evaluations, hospital evaluations, and other valuableinformation, including the latest book on travel nursing.
Travel Nursing Central - The Travel Nursing Central website provides a community or central meeting place for health professional travelers to connect, gather, and provide helpful information.
Travel Nursing Blogs - This is full of travel nursing advice and resources, whether you’re justlearning about travel nursing or a travel nursing professional.

Sites that OFFEr Jobs From Different Companies:

BluePipes - Check out our new job listings! BluePipes helps Nurses, Physicians, andAllied health professionals network, simplify and advance their careers.

The LIST Jobs - The LIST is a central hub for all traveling healthcare workers.Including travel jobs, blogs, and helpful forms. Finding your next adventurehas never been so easy! Use The LIST for your next job search, or stay in touchwith the latest traveling healthcare trends!

Wanderly - Wanderly challenges the status quo. Noticing a growing need for innovation in the healthcare staffing industry, we combined our tech startup experience and healthcare staffing expertise to improve the relationship between travel nurses, recruiters, and agencies. They have the unique opportunity to help America’s nurses get to work quicker and more efficiently to provide the best possible care they can. Wanderly brings a relentless pursuit of innovation to the healthcare staffing industry, and our technology aims to provide a seamless experience for nurses, recruiters, and agencies.