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South Carolina


March 1, 2018

Winnie is a telemetry nurse who places the most importance on a great recruiter and excellent salary.  She is currently with MedFirst Staffing, but looking for something better.  After almost five years of traveling, her favorite assignment has been in Anderson, SC, with her least favorite in Chapel Hill, SC.

Her first travel experience was a phychiatric job at the state hospital.  She was treated like family, like part of the team.  It was little difference between contract and “full timers”. There was great people, and backed you up when things could/and would get hairy.

She would tell first timers, “If you don’t have it in your contract, you won’t have it. Think things through, get it in writing, and make SURE you have an out.  Some agencies will stick you will everything, and it may NOT be your fault