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March 1, 2018

Trish is a telemetry nurse who also specializes with HIV/AIDS patients.  Through her 2-5 years of travel nursing, she has chooses her assignment based on location, followed by money, recruiters, and benefits.

Trish prefers a one-bedroom apartment paid for and is currently working with Star Med.  If something came along she definitely would switch companies, but is happy with Star Med for now.  Upon working for RN Network, she was sadly disappointed with their quality of service to the travel nurse.

Trish reports that in all her 12 assignments, all have been positive experience with traveller friendly staffs.  Her favorite city has been San Francisco, CA, with her least favorite city being New London, CT.  She was with RN Network at that time and experienced horrible housing and was lied to a lot by her recruiter.

Her first experience as a traveller was at the University of California, San Francisco.  She found it a huge adjustment for me, as I’d never worked at a large teaching facility before.  I did two assignments there and loved it.  First time living alone, first time living in an apartment, first time living in a city and first time using public transportation to go to work.  All in all it was a wonderful experience.

Her advice to a first time is, “Be open and flexible…  Go with the flow.”