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New York


March 1, 2018

Tricia is a CVICU nurse that has been traveling for under a year.  She places priorities on location and money over benefits and a great recruiter.  She has been with Cross Country Trav Corp and has no intention of switching.  Her favorite city has been Baltimore, MD.

Her first travel assignment was in New York at New York Presbyterian-Columbia.  It was an absolutely great hospital.  For Tricia, leaving was very hard related to the fact that it was very traveler friendly.  She worked in the PACU with a  great staff and she absolutely loved it.

She would like to remind first time travelers to do their research on the companies that they plan to sign up with and the hospital that you want to work at and READ YOUR CONTRACT.  If it is not what was agreed on, DO NOT SIGN IT!  And most importantly, enjoy the world of travel nursing.