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North Carolina


March 1, 2018

Tasha is a cardiac step-down and telemetry nurse who places importance on money and a great recruiter over benefits and location.  She takes the one bedroom housing that is supplied to her by Nurse Choice.  During her almost 2 years of traveling, Phoenix, Arizona, has been her favorite assignment with Dover, Delaware, being her least favorite.

She took an assignment back in her home state of Delaware so that the transition would be a little more smooth, being that she was in a familiar place trying something new. The hospital, Beebe Medical Center, was very traveler friendly and the orientation was excellent so her first experience wasn’t too hectic. The staff was very welcoming and friendly, probably helped that the hospital is near the beach. Many of the other nurses on her floor were travelers also and a handful were repeat travelers to that facility. She chose to begin my travel experience with American Mobile Healthcare, which is a pretty good company but she never really felt a connection with my Recruiter and she probably talked to her assistant more than I spoke with her.

She would like to emphasize that new travelers should do her research before signing with any company or facility and to make sure to find a recruiter that you mesh with and that is out for your best interest.