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Ritchie the Nomad

March 1, 2018

Ritchie is an ER nurse who places his priorities on salary and a great recruiter.  He classifies himself as a “Mountain West Nomad” as he travels around in his RV.  He doesn’t have a company that he really prefers, but knows that he will never return to American Mobile.  His favorite assignment was in Stanford, CA, with his least favorite in Reno, NV.

His first assignment was for a great small hometown agency with great pay and excellent housing in a little ole cow town in Wyoming.  He would like to remind new travelers that even experienced travelers get shafted by recruiters who are so sweet and can lie and smile and stab and get you to let your guard down.  “This is a business arrangement.  The recruiter and facility is NOT your friend, even though it may seem that away.  (dang, I should have learned that myself),” he states.  He was recently drowning when a recruiter was smiling as she threw a him a concrete life ring.