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March 1, 2018

Melissa writes that she was a travel nurse for ten years, but because of her current family situation, she is unable to travel at this time in her life.  Location was most important to her with the financial aspects being second important.  She prefers two-bedroom housing, and doesn’t mind paying some to get the housing that she needs.

The nightmare hospital for her was Dorchester Community Hospital in Cambridge, Maryland, and her favorite place was in Corpus Christi, Texas.

About her first assignment she writes:  “We went from Portland Oregon to Cambridge Maryland. The security officer met me and drove me around town and told me what streets I could walk down and what streets I couldn’t.  It was the most bigoted town in the world.  But, I learned that if you just hold your peace, even BAD assignments will come to an end.”

Her advice to a new travel nurse would be to plan on doing more than just working.  In one town, my husband and I discovered a walking tour.  The tour took us along the same paths that runaway slaves took to escape to freedom.  When I went to work and told ‘the locals’, they didn’t even know the walking tour (in their town) existed! Also, don’t discuss what the agency is paying you.  It makes the local nurses resent you.