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March 1, 2018

Maria is an ER nurse from Michigan who ranks an honest recruiter and benefits as most important.  She has been traveling for a year and has been with Aureus Medical and Nurses RX.  She takes the one bedroom housing option.  Her favorite city has been Denver, with Fort Lauderdale being her least favorite related to the lack of parks and recreation.

Her first assignment was great with Holy Cross Hospital.  It was traveler friendly and wanted her to extend.  The hospital was a big and unorganized, but everyone was really nice including the doctors.  If she liked Florida enough, she would go back to Holy Cross Hospital.  She made a handful of friends, but did not like her recruiter related to the fact that she never called her back.  The hospital made her feel very welcome!  She enjoyed her first assignment.

Her advice for a first timer would be to talk to other travel nurses and get a hold of a couple travel nurse magazines.  Breathe and hold on for the time of your life.  She is living her dream and loving it.  Don’t go with the attitude that you are better or know more.  Not all assignments are bad.  Don’t be afraid to switch companies.  They need you much more than you need them.  But most of all get out and enjoy the place you’re at.