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March 1, 2018

Lynn is a critical care nurse who rates money and location as priorities over benefits and a great recruiter.  She has been traveling for almost five years with MedStaff, StarMed, Nursestat, RN Stat, and her current company, Health Specialists.  Her disaster hospitals include:   Cox South, Springfield, MO ; St. Louis University Hospital, St. Louis, MO; Raleigh Community Hospital, Raleigh, NC; Bothwell Regional Medical Center, Sedalia,MO; Golden Valley Hospital, Clinton, MO.  Her favorite city has been Kansas City with her least favorites being St. Louis, MO, and Raleigh, NC.

Her first travel experience was very stressful related to dangerous housing in the worst part of St. Louis, MO; the horrible drive of 1.5hrs to drive 17 miles from the apartment to the hospital; the traveling company which refused to move her even though pimps, prostitutes, drug addicts hung around the door of the apartment building; the same company which never paid her correctly so she spent long periods of time fighting with the payroll department trying to get the correct pay when she needed to be sleeping. Needless to say.  She worked the thirteen weeks and went to another company. The company was StarMed.  She liked the hospital through StarMed, but just didn’t see eye to eye with the company.

What would she like to tell a first timer?  “Be assertive. These companies and hospitals need you worse than you need them. Remember, you are a valuable commodity. If RN’s did not exist none of these travel companies or hospitals could operate. Get along with the staff nurses you work with, but do not get sucked into their problems.  My personal opinion now is that a nurse works for a hospital that treats them badly and pays them poorly, they must be a masochist at heart.  You will find very few places where the nurses are happy; if they were, you wouldn’t be there as a travel nurse.”