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March 1, 2018

Kristi is a surgical nurse who travels for the great salary, benefits and location.  She takes the housing stipend and finds her own housing.  She has been traveling for over a year and is currently with Talemed.  Her favorite city has been Reno, NV.

Her first experience was very nice. However, in the middle of her extended contract her original company merged with National Healthcare and everything went to pot! She got a hold of a horrible recruiter. She had had an excellent recruiter with TVL. Needless to say, next assignment I switched companies.

She would like to remind newbies to ALWAYS GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING. Companies will promise you the moon to get you. Ask the company you are going to work for to have a nurse who already works for them contact you. This way you can ask them personally about their experience. Have a list of questions written down before you start contacting companies.  “I have been an OR nurse for 15 yrs and have had good experiences everywhere I have been. I plan to continue traveling. It is a wonderful way to see the country. I have made so many new friends.”