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New York


March 1, 2018

Kayci works in the Emergency Room and has been traveling for over two years.  She takes the housing stipend and finds her own apartment.  She travels with American Mobile now after her bad experience with Cirrus Medical Staffing.  Her favorite city has been Charlotte, NC.

Her first travel nursing experience was great fun.  She was so happy that she had taken the risk and did. Taking that first assignment is half the battle. Her first job was in NYC and it was GREAT. She loved her recruiter, loved her apartment, loved the hospital.

What would she tell a first timer?  “PLEASE..PLEASE…if you would like to resign at a certain hospital…  be FLEXIBLE!!! That is one reason why hospitals higher travelers. The more flexible you are the more money they are willing to offer you and better scheduling.  Be a team player…and WORK HARD and everything will run smoothly!!!”