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March 1, 2018

Kathy is a neuro/med/surg nurse who places her priorities on benefits and location.  She takes the one bedroom paid for housing provided by Emerald Heath Services.  She didn’t have quite as good of luck with RTG Medical and Bestaff.  Her favorite hospital has been San Rafael, CA, with Chico, CA, being her least favorite.

Her first travel assignment was rough in that she felt like her recruiter lied to her, left her stranded three hours from home, in a hospital that was worst than she has ever been in.  She would like to remind all new nurses to get everything in writing and even then the travel company can still lie to you. Beststaff’s contract stipulated an eighth week contract of twelve hour nights. When I arrived at Novato I was working days, Pms, Nocs and eight and twelve hour rotating shifts. Then I found out that Beststaff had typed the wrong ending date on the contract with the hospital so I was left without work for two weeks. Beststaff pretended to be a small southern company that had Christian values but to her they were they just the opposite. They lied about everything including the apartment which was a dive and they wouldn’t do anything about it when I brought that to their attention.  The doors didn’t lock, the balcony was rotting wood, the carpet and flooring had sharp tacks sticking up and you couldn’t go barefoot, etc.