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March 1, 2018

Judy is an OB nurse with over a year’s worth of experience.  She travels in an RV and placed location and money as priorities over a great recruiter and benefits.  Her worst hospital was Naples Community.  Her favorite city was San Diego, CA, and named Crossville, TN, as her least favorite.

She traveled from South Florida to California in an RV with her husband and dog for her first assignment.  It was very exciting to see new country while we traveled and settled in to a campground and located the hospital. The first day was a little scary but also exciting to meet new people, see how things worked there, and say “she am a travel nurse”. They saw many places that they had only read, seen or heard about in the year we were in California.  They made many wonderful memories together. The work experience has made her see and do some things differently, and take those to new places and share. She loved the flexibility and adventures that travel nursing gives to her.