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March 1, 2018

JoAnn has been traveling for almost two years and currently is with Cross Country.  She works on telemetry floor, lives in a one bedroom apartment, and places top priority on location and salary.  Her favorite city has been Glendale, California, with her least favorite being Kaiser-West in Los Angeles.

Her first assignment with Trustaff at Glendale Memorial Hospital was difficult at first, it took awhile but staff warmed up and it was an excellent hospital with good ratios related to the fact that there are laws in California mandating nurse to patient ratios in specialties.

Her advice to a first timer includes, “Stand your ground and don’t take any crap. Beware of Kaiser Hospital in West Los Angeles; they have certainly earned their reputation for treating travel nurses terribly.  Took three hours for stat labs, there were never any supplies and if you needed a med, you were told to come down and get it from Pharmacy.  Often there were no nursing assistants or ward clerks. The only good thing I can say about it were the doctors.  They were very nice. If a hospital offers a big bonus…. beware.”