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March 1, 2018

Jennifer is a NICU nurse with almost two years of experience who places her priorities on money and a great recruiter.  Although she was once with American Mobile, she currently travels with On Assignment.  Her favorite places have been Palm Springs, CA, and Long Beach, CA, with her least favorite being Santa Barbara, CA.

Her first assignment was horrendous! The housing was far from the facility and traffic was even worse! She was tired by the time she got to work.  That assignment lasted only two weeks.  That’s it…  she couldn’t take it any longer.  That was her very first travel assignment almost 10 years ago. Since then she’s learned the ropes-still learning!

She would like to remind that first time traveler to get everything IN WRITING!!  Be sure to do the interview with the facility so that you can have all of your questions answered.  Absolutely do not take the assignment if you have any doubts!