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March 1, 2018

Jade is a med/surg/tele and wound care nurse who places priorities on a company with great salary and benefits with  a lot of great locations.  She has been traveling with Nightingale, but is ready for a change.  Although she has a lot of nice places that she has been to, Glendale, AZ, was not one!

On her first assignment, the recruiter told her everything that she wanted to hear, but did not carry through with very many of the promises.  The recruiter got her 2200 miles away from my home, and forgot about her the minute she got her commission. Jade felt so stuck and lonely. She had to fight for every dime that they promised to reimburse her.  The recruiter also was very unavailable on the phone. Jade is grateful to have found another traveler in the apartment complex.  Although she felt as if her apartment complex and hospital were in an unsafe area, she loved the people that she worked with.  It was filled with travelers. It’s kind of hard, though as they are all from different nations. The first assignment is the hardest and the one that you learn the most from. When her first paycheck was over $1,000 short, she started to cry.

Her advice to a first time traveler would be to get everything discussed in writing!!  If you don’t, they will tell you, “That’s not in your contract” even though you know you talked about it and they promised it to you. Do your homework on the hospital and the area. Bring a laptop, cell phone, at least ten uniform sets, items from home, and things to keep you busy on your off time. It gets lonely. Read the newspaper and find out from locals what there is to do in the area. Make sure that you know whether or not you are to bring items from home for your apt. or if it is fully furnished with kitchen items, etc. It gets expensive to buy these things. Locate the nearest Goodwill if you have to, and make sure that you have at least $1000 for extras to make up for what “errors” there may be or for what you need to buy that you forgot.