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March 1, 2018

Helen specializes in orthopaedics, medic, surgical, and psychiatric nursing writes to me that for it’s location, location, location!  Second importance is money, benefits, and then recruiter.  She is now travelling with Healthcare Everyone, but would switch companies if another company offered her the exact location that she wanted to visit next.

Helen has been travelling for one to two years, and expects a comfortable 1-bedroom apartment in her new location.  Her favorite city has been Hilton Head Island, SC, with her least favorite being Lancaster, PA.

About her first experience she writes…  It was really scary.  I worked in a HCA facility where they didn’t know when I was to start.  I showed up on the Saturday before I was to begin and was at the hospital bright and early Monday morning, only to find out that I really wouldn’t start until Wednesday.  The worst part of the whole deal was when they tried to float me to a unit where I was not qualified.  We had no supplies.  The friendly staff is what made it bearable for the 13-week assignment.

Her advice to a new traveller is, “Do your research.  Pick a good company and a hospital with a good reputation.”