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March 1, 2018

Eva is an emergency room nurse whom places her priorities as money and benefits secondary to location and a great recruiter.  She has been traveling for one year and takes the one bedroom paid for apartment.  Although she previously traveled with InteliStaf, she is currently with InteliStaf.  Her favorite hospital was in Hartford, Connecticut, with her least favorite being Sacramento, California.  Although she loved the town of Sacramento, she wasn’t too found of the hospital.

Her first travel assignment was an awesome experience in New Britain, CT.  She had to move after two weeks to a better location, but that was okay.  New Britain General Hospital (now the hospital of Central Connecticut) was extremely traveler friendly.  The staff and the doctors were wonderful, friendly, and warm.  Her second assignment was at Mercy General in Sacramento, CA, and it was her first non-traveler friendly hospital.  There was four to six doctors that she worked with that were very nasty to all nurses.

She would like to tell all first time travelers to gather a notebook together with sections.  Keep all your license’, shot records, TB, resume, etc…  you will need it a lot!  It makes it very handy to be organized.