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March 1, 2018

Cheryl is an RN that has been traveling for over two years.  She prefers a one bedroom apartment for housing and places priorities on a great recruiter and pay scale.  She is with Travel Nurse Solutions (previously World Health) and has absolutely no plans on changing.  She previously worked with Professional Placement Resources, but has no plans on returning to them.  The least friendly hospital that she has been in was Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, CA, with her favorite being Rancho Mirage, CA.

This is what she had to say about her first assignment, “she was a very new nurse graduating in February 2001, she started my first travel assignment in early 2003 locally, just 30 miles from home. It was a very large teaching state hospital with primitive testing and limited orientation but was traveler friendly. The nurse patient ratio was 6-8 pts and she worked the night shift. One of the busiest floors in the hospital, the tele floor, we handled a lot of new admissions and the hospital employed “admitting nurses” but only until 10-11pm which was a major plus. They also were in nurse manager transition mode which made it a little more challenging to get info and scheduling issues solved. she enjoyed it b/c it was fast-paced and challenging to say the least. The location was top priority at that time so money wasn’t the biggest issue. However, being my first assignment, you find out quickly that travel companies make a chunk of change off of us and she learned real fast that the travel nurse industry is worth minding your p’s and q’s.

Advice to a first timer includes not being afraid of the unknown!  Just jump in with both feet and give it your all. After all, you did it when you first started nursing school! Be PREPARED and keep in touch with other travel nurses with your same goals and make sure they are POSITIVE in thinking! Why, positive produces positive and life has enuff negatives already. Encouragement and support is much needed and sometimes the least provided. Enjoy life and your family! If you do as a person AND nurse what you don’t get paid for, the rest takes care of itself! Go for it and don’t look back! Tomorrow is a new day!