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March 1, 2018

Betty is a med/surg nurse who travels for the excellent pay rate.  She has been traveling for over six years and currently travels with Nationwide Nurse Travel Professionals.  Her favorite place was Lake Havasu City, AZ, with her least favorite city being New Jersey.

Her first experience was not bad, just not what she expected.   She was new at it and sort unsure how it would be as a traveler but she did and she has been traveling ever since.

She would like to remind travelers that it does get easier!  She has traveled with a lot of agencies in her six plus years of traveling but by far the agency the she is with now is the best so far. They have been able to keep her working and pretty much find a position in the area she want to be or close to it.  Betty knows that anytime she has a problem all she has to do is call her recruiter and she will be there to talk and listen or assist her with her problem. They sent her information on the area and maps she was traveling to. She has found them to be honest and upfront about everything and so far no surprises. She feels like she has found my travel nursing home and now she can travel with ease and no worries. Her advice to any new traveler is to be patient and research the area you want to travel and even the facility. Talk to your recruiter and ask for information on the area.