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What Travel Nurses Want in a Recruiter

Kay will teach you to be a guide for nurses.

You as a recruiting executive have the tough job of teaching your recruiters how to not only attract travel nurses, but to retain them.  The only way to retain a nurse is to fulfill their needs, which is hard to do if you do not know what their needs are.  For the last 10 years Kay has been teaching recruiters how to connect with their travelers in effort to supply all of their traveling needs.  She will navigate your recruiters down the path of knowledge, empowering them to be a guide for their nurses.

With this program you will learn…

What do travelers want in benefits?

- Salary expectations
- Reimbursements
- Medical insurance
- Savings for retirement

What do travelers want in location?

- What are the travel nursing hotspots?
- Mountains & Beaches
- The states with the most hospital reviews.
- The states with the best hospital reviews.

Great recruiters that make great agencies

- Honesty & Integrity
- Transparency
- Excellent communication
- Be a guide and not a salesman!

Understanding travelers and their need for change

- Personal growth.
- Professional growth.
- New beginnings and opportunities.
- The recruiters role in supporting all the change!

What are people saying?

“Our recruiters became very eager to try the techniques that Kay discussed and more confident in dealing with candidates. Ultimately we placed more positions with seasoned travelers than we did before."  -Joanie Reneer, Owner & COO of Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC.
“The insight on locations versus the wants of the traveler was very insightful. I enjoyed learning more about our industry from an actual travel RN!! Thanks!”  Nicole, Senior Nurse Recruiter, Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC
“Thanks for hanging with us and imparting your wisdom. Everyone here is super appreciative and felt like they learned a lot!”  Blaine, Senior Team Leader, Tailored Healthcare Staffing

Empower Your Recruiters

Let’s face it... it is impossible to give a traveling healthcare professional what they need if you do not KNOW what they are looking for. Kay will teach your recruiters exactly what travel healthcare professionals are looking for and how they can guide that professional to a successful travel career. Imagine your recruiters having inside knowledge of the traveling industry that can only come from an experienced traveler. This is an amazing value in that once the recruiter is empowered with this information, they will see a great increase in nurse retention. In fact, Kay will teach your recruiters how to overcome a nurses objections before the problem even comes up. If you only hire or retain just one nurse, you will have easily redeemed the value of this amazing opportunity.

Seminar Pricing:

Half-Day package:

- 4 hrs of office time.
(training & consulting)


*Plus expenses

Full-Day package:

- 8 hrs of office time
(training & consulting)


*Plus expenses

Two-Day package:

- 16 hrs of office time
(training & consulting)


*Plus expenses

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