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Mary Rochon

Mary Rochon
Health Providers Choice
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Question 1:
In a large metropolitan area, Nurse Floating Flo contracts to float between three hospitals within a 10 mile radius of her housing. Starting in the 6th week, the company ask her to float to a hospital 15 miles away, the 7th week she goes to one on the other side of the city, that is 30 miles away, plus one that is 17 miles away. The nurse is willing to take the first few, but after the behavior continues, she has had enough and voices this to her recruiter.
Answer 1:

I would start by reaching out to Flo directly. I would empathize with her in this stressful situation and talk through all her concerns. I would see if there were any previous communication with her unit manager regarding this matter, as well. If she was not comfortable addressing this concern on a unit level, I would then move to consult with our Account Manager and Clinical Liaison so that we have a thorough understanding of the situation and can determine the best way to begin finding a solution. I would be sure to update Flo on all correspondence and, most importantly, provide reassurance. I will do everything I can, as her advocate, to provide a travel experience she expects and truly deserves.

Question 2:
Baby Nurse Betty is a skilled labor and delivery nurse, who also can float to post-pardum care after the delivery as well as the well-newborn nursery. At 7:30pm, the staffing company hotline gets a call stating that they want her to float to the NICU, which is beyond her competency level. What is your company’s response?
Answer 2:

At Health Providers Choice, we will not allow a nurse to take patients outside of their competency level. We are dedicated to providing quality patient care and will always make it our mission to ensure all patients and nurses are protected. Our Chief Executive Nurse also acts as a clinical liaison, and it would be important that she is involved in navigating this situation. I would be sure to let Betty know that she can always reach out to me directly or our 24/7 on-call line immediately with any problems. I would reassure her that if this issue ever arises again, we would work on a new placement immediately. The safety of our patients and travelers will always be a top priority.

Question 3:
Nurse Roach is all excited about her first travel nursing assignment. She drives 750 miles to her new assignment housing. After getting the keys from management, she opens the door and three cockroaches scurry across the floor. After further investigation, she also finds a ring of mold in the shower. She can’t stand it and immediately texts you with pictures. How do you respond?
Answer 3:

My traveler’s safety and health are top priorities, and I would advise her to leave immediately. I would find the closest and cleanest hotel accommodation for her while I sort out the details with the Manager. Once Nurse Roach is settled in a safe environment, I would ensure that she is completely comfortable and provide updates on her new arrangements. I would take control of the new housing accommodations and ensure the new unit is up to the standards previously discussed. I would also try to provide a complimentary meal or gift package as a kind gesture for all the stress and inconveniences she had to endure during her first day. I would do everything I can to prioritize solutions, as our nurses deserve a clean, safe and comfortable place to rest in-between work hours.

Question 4:
You have worked with Nurse Asthmatic for 3 years now and she has done a great job for you, when she takes an assignment in Southeast Colorado. She envisions magic mountains that reach to the sky, only to find that she has landed in wheat country. Not wanting to cause problems she continues to work and everything is fine, until harvest. She has an asthma attack, ends up in the hospital, and is told that she is going to miss at least 2 weeks of work related to asthma induced pneumonia. How do you work things out?
Answer 4:

I would immediately connect with Nurse Asthmatic and remind her that her health is a top priority. It would be important to continue full communication with the client, and I would communicate on her behalf if needed. We would ultimately discuss all the options and compare the benefits and disadvantages of each one. The main goal of our conversation will be to reach a decision on the best course of action that does not jeopardize her well-being. If she decides she can stay, I would work with the Account Manager and ensure we are able to work through any additional requests or accommodations in the meantime. If Nurse Asthmatic is unable to continue the contract, I would work with the Account Manager regarding a contract release without penalty. I would do everything I could as her advocate to support her decision and be a resource in the next steps from the client.

Question 5:
You have worked hard to find Nurse Roulette a job in Las Vegas. You send the nurse a contract that she readily accepts, signs, and sends back. The next morning the bags are packed and Nurse Roulette is on the way to the assignment of her dreams. At 0800 she is out the door and to the hospital. Checking in with HR, they inform her that there is no contract between the hospital and the company, related to the fact that it has not been approved by HR. About the same time, the recruiting manager comes to you and tells you not to send Nurse Roulette on the assignment. This shouldn’t have happened, but unfortunately it does happen. What do you do?
Answer 5:

Our Agency has many procedures in place to ensure this would never happen. At Health Providers Choice, we have a Quality Department that is dedicated to working directly with the Nurse and client to complete all compliance documents prior to an assignment start. If a cancellation or back-out did occur on the client’s end, I am continuously sourcing opportunities for active travelers and would have options ready for her to compare. I would do anything I could to expedite the process of transferring to a new contract as quickly as possible and ensure that she felt supported during the entire process.

Question 6:
What would you like travel nurses to know about being a great traveling nurse and making your job easier?
Answer 6:

Communication is key! I believe this to be an important skill that everyone can continue to improve upon each and every day. My hope for all the nurses I work with is to always have open and transparent communication that is led by integrity. My goal is to always be an advocate for all my travelers and truly support their career goals in every way I possibly can. Effective communication is the first step to reaching goals together in this industry!

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