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Hospital Evaluations.

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From those who have already worked there

Want to know more about a hospital before contacting them about a placement?  Use our Hospital Evaluations list to view reviews from a number of hospitals around the country.  These evaluations are from actual travelers that worked at these hospitals.  If you’d like to submit an evaluation for a hospital that you worked at please submit a Hospital Evaluation Form.
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1. Hospital and unit size as stated.
2. Hospital was clean and well maintained.
3. Physicians treat the nurses with respect and are available when necessary.
4. Continuing educational opportunities were made available.
5. Ancillary departments were helpful.
6. Dietary department was flexible in providing for special request.
7. Medications were available within a reasonable amount of time.
8. Equipment was available within a reasonable amount of time.
9. Nursing manager was good resource.
10. Other professional nurses were friendly and helpful.
11. Nursing assistants were readily available and adequately helped.
12. Effective communication between caregivers. 
13. Patients were properly identified and the identifications were used.
14. Sterile procedure was effectively used as needed.
15. Isolation precautions were used effectively.
16. Nurses were floated only to areas of competency.
17. Facility perceived to be “traveler friendly.”
18. Safe nurse to patient ratios are observed (close to that of California).
19. Concern for patient safety is top priority.
20. I never felt like my license was in danger.