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Choosing a travel company can be very difficult with over 400 travel nursing companies competing for nurses.  The following form can be used to send your information to those companies affiliated to this website via referral.  Your information is ONLY sent to the travel companies that advertise with Highway Hypodermics (the advertisers can be seen on the homepage of this site).  We do NOT require a phone number to be respectful of the night nurses, on the other hand, we do require an email address so that companies can quietly contact you in the middle of the day, and you can answer them at your convenience.

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Whether you’re looking for adventure or need to be close to loved ones, TNAA’s recruiters willuse their extensive knowledge of their nationwide network of facilities to match you with the right location.
Trustaff prides themselves on the personal relationships they develop with each traveler year after year.  With so much of their business built on trust, they make the satisfaction of their travelers their number one priority.
The recruiters get to know their healthcare professionals and what they value in order to find them in the correct position. They guide them every step of the way to make sure their travel assignment results in the best adventure possible!
Dedicated recruiters conduct extensive 1:1 communication directly with travelers and own the relationship throughout the recruiting process.  As a result, they know their travelers by name and gain personal insight into their most important criteria as they search for the perfect assignment for travelers.
They are a nurse-owned and nurse-operated company that provides healthcare professionals with a level of understanding of the challenges and stresses they experience. They value excellence in care, integrity in our staff, and transparency in all of their deals.
Their mission is to provide incredible experiences to every nurse they encounter. They are different because they go to great lengths to take care of their nurses. From their customized traveler services to their generous benefits for their travelers such as 24-hour emergency support. They are here to serve your needs as a traveler.
Being Nurse owned is a huge advantage. The owners have worked in the trenches of the hospitals and know what it is like to walk in the nurses shoes. They genuinely care about each and every traveler and about their experience.
Only the best recruiters will earn the trust and respect of the nurses that put their heart and soul into their profession.  Atlas recruiters have to prove themselves and show they legitimately care about their nurses’ career advancement and growth.
When nurses join the HPC team, they become part of their family.  Their professional and emotional well-being becomes primary in the relationship.  Their nurse partners need to be cared for, and they need to be emotionally prepared for their role as a traveling caregiver.  They advocate for them to make sure they are safe and supported.
Every traveler at Fusion is treated like family.  Their recruiters are always going out of their way to ensure their healthcare heroes are making the right moves in their careers. The entire team at Fusion is constantly working to make sure every aspect of being a Healthcare Traveler is seamless and straightforward.  
The put the nurse first! Founded by a former travel nurse, they know what it’s like to be a nurse in an unfamiliar hospital. That’s why they want to give nurses everything they need to set themselves up for success to be happy in their life and careers.
Their company culture is about treating people well and celebrating their talents and successes.  This spirit extends through their Career Consultants (aka Recruiter) to their Travelers.  Ultimately this positive attitude extends into the hospital.  Happy nurses make for excellent patient care.
Each of the PHP Professionals is assigned to a personal recruiter who is tasked with understanding their professionals’ needs and identifying the most suitable assignments.  The recruiters are continually assessed for how many professionals continue to re-contract with them at the end of each assignment.
Ventura MedStaff is a traveler-centric organization that operates under the mantra “People over Profit.” Their recruiters advocate for all their travelers and are there for them throughout the entire process of finding a job, during the assignment 24/7, and afterward onto the next job or for a well-deserved break.
With technology at its roots, they have created a platform that is easy to use.  They built a team to support you every step of the way.  That means more time living out your travel nursing dreams and less time job hunting.
At Triage, they prefer to be REAL.  Real about expectations – both theirs and yours.  Real about how a decision you make could affect your tomorrow.  Real about how compensation actually works.  Real about how great, or grating, your next supervisor may be.
They have over 20 years of experience placing nurses, therapists, allied healthcare professionals, and technologists in contract assignments across the United States.  They match their best and brightest talent to the jobs that will lead them into fulfilling careers.
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