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Choosing a travel company can be very difficult with over 400 travel nursing companies competing for nurses.  The following form can be used to send your information to those companies affiliated to this website via referral.  Your information is ONLY sent to the travel companies that advertise with Highway Hypodermics (the advertisers can be seen on the homepage of this site).  We do NOT require a phone number to be respectful of the night nurses, on the other hand, we do require an email address so that companies can quietly contact you in the middle of the day, and you can answer them at your convenience.

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TNAA will listen and you will be happy you made the connection – they promise. Call them now to discuss their travel opportunities.
Trustaff makes their best effort to go above and beyond to make sure each traveler’s needs are being met, which means being available when they need them.
Talemed would like for you to know that it is very important for them to let healthcare professionals know that they are here for all of you.
PPR always does the right thing for nurses. Their motto has never changed, “We Put You First.” Their recruiters are strong nurse advocates.
We are a nurse-owned and nurse-operated company that provides healthcare professionals with a level of understanding of the challenges and stresses they experience. We value excellence in care, integrity in our staff, and transparency in all of our deals.
You're a practicing nurse and you're great at what you do. But, there's a big world out there just waiting to be explored. It’s right there waiting for you. Start a new chapter in your life and become a travel nurse with Aureus Medical.
Their mission is to provide incredible experiences to every nurse they encounter. They are different because they go to great lengths to take care of their nurses. From their customized traveler services to their generous benefits for their travelers such as 24-hour emergency support, 401k matching, and a personal Career Consultant, Host is here to serve your needs as a traveler.
Being Nurse owned is a huge advantage. The owners have worked in the trenches of the hospitals and know what it is like to walk in the Nurses shoes. They genuinely care about each and every traveler and about their experience.
Atlas believe in family values and the power of friendship. They support you with their team that has over three decades of experience.
Freedom works hard to provide the best customer service possible to each of their travelers. They have a “No Drama” approach to providing their travelers with the best experience possible as they travel.
At Health Provider Choice their mission is to exceed the service and quality expectations of their customers, the community, the professionals they employ and themselves.
Fusion Medical Staffing places RN's LPN's CNA's, PT, OT, COTA, PTA, Cath Lab, Sterile Processors, Laboratory and Surgical Techs nationwide. They are a small privately owned company who treats you like family and customer service is job one.
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