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Randstad Healthcare

Randstad Healthcare places healthcare professionals including RN, LPN, CST, APRN and Allied health professionals, include cath lab tech, phlebotomist, and Coders.

Randstad Healthcare is a medium sized company in the travel nursing space. However, they are a part of Randstad, the second largest staffing company in the world and publicly traded on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam.  They offer travel, local contract and permanent positions nationwide across all 50 states, from Maine to California.

Randstad Healthcare places high priority on each and every one of their travelers. Their size allows them to assign candidates to specific recruiter’s where a true relationship and bond is formed. The recruiter knows every in and out of that nurse’s job requirements, as well as his or her personality traits, and will work with that nurse throughout the duration of their career with Randstad Healthcare. Their recruiter’s become intimately involved in their travelers lives, often checking in on them just to ask about a new pet, sick relative or recent vacation with a childhood friend! They also have their support divisions reach out to their nurses throughout their assignment with us. For example, their payroll department will reach out to their nurses after receiving their first paycheck to make sure they understand it and everything is correct. Additionally, their housing department will reach out after a nurse moves in to a new apartment to make sure everything is running smoothly and find out if there is anything they can do to make the new living quarters feel a little bit more like home. Furthermore, their management team is also intimately involved in their placement process and wants to receive feedback from their travelers. 

Melissa Knybel, RN, BSN, is their Clinical Nurse Liaison and Vice President of Operations, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via their emergency line or on email. Melissa has over 10 years of clinical experience herself, and understands how important it is to be able to seek advice, and have an agency representative speak up on your behalf, when situations arise while on assignment.TJC or NATHO.

Randstad Healthcare is Joint Commission certified and also a founding and current member of NATHO. Cynthia Kinnas, their President is the 2013 President of NATHO, and Melissa Knybel, Vice President of Operations is a member of the Joint Commission Advisory Board for Health Care Staffing Services, and sits on the Clinical Executive Committee of NATHO. They are actively involved in all industry associations representing the travel and staffing industries.

They understand how important “fit” is in ensuring a positive traveler experience. Some of their recruiters focus on specific types of professionals or specialties in order to ensure optimal match between the candidate, recruiter, and assignment. They believe that by having niche recruiters, they will become more intimately knowledgeable about the healthcare professional disciplines they support and be able to more effectively communicate. Furthermore, their travel recruiters focus 100% on travel and do not work local contract or perm jobs at the same time. While they rely on their recruiters to know when a relationship is not the right fit and reassign to a recruiter that would be a better match, they will also survey their candidates on a frequent basis to ensure their recruiter, and in that matter all Randstad departments, are delivering the level of service that is expected. If personalities do not match or service is not being delivered to the level they expect, candidates will be contacted by a senior level manager and reassigned based on their feedback and the recruiter relationship that would best fit their needs moving forward.

Randstad Healthcare travelers are offered the same insurance that their internal employees receive. There are numerous medical plans to choose from, all provided through Cigna and available for employees and spouses/dependents/domestic partners. They also offer MetLife Dental insurance and EyeMed Vision insurance.

At Randstad Healthcare, they believe giving a healthcare professional the opportunity to save for their future is very important and they want to make sure they have the financial stability to enjoy life in their retirement years! As such, they make the process very easy for their travelers by automatically enrolling them in their 401K plan – but providing an option to easily opt-out for those that are not in a position to contribute immediately. All travelers who participate will also receive a company match based on their level of contribution.

Besides medical related benefits and 401K, Randstad Healthcare also offers travelers free furnished housing or stipend, Life and AD&D coverage, optional Disability Insurance, FREE Liability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance, paid drug screens, flexible spending accounts, and more! They also provide a discount program that allows their travelers to receive a discount at merchants such as Dell, Red Envelope, AT&T, Verizon, 1-800-Flowers, Cherry Moon Farms, Extended Stay, Avis and Budget Car Rental, and more! Their candidates are also eligible to enroll in an exclusive, member’s only discount program called Working Advantage that provides discounts on tickets, travel and shopping.

Randstad Healthcare has been in business over 25 years and we’ve worked hard to build a reputation based on trust, honesty and loyalty. Are they perfect, of course not! But when they do make a mistake they will own up to it and work hard to resolve the issue with as little impact as possible to their travelers and to patient care. It’s this reputation that has resulted in many of their travelers choosing to work with them for the duration of their travel career, and referring their friends and family to us as well. They take pride in the fact that employees across their company – from their recruiter’s to their referencing team, all the way up to their President – know the names of many of their travelers and have also developed a personal connection with them. They are in the “people business” and that is the treatment you can expect when working with Randstad: as a person with unique and individual needs!

At Randstad Healthcare, they work hard to know their candidates. They also work hard to know their clients. They have a deep understanding of both their candidate’s and client’s requirement’s, and are able to align needs, cultures, and work styles to ensure the best match is made. With over 25 years of experience, their industry knowledge takes their Travelers to where they want to be in their travel nursing career, whether learning new skills at large teaching hospitals or mentoring the next generation in a local community hospital. They are so committed to helping their Travelers be successful that they mentor their career development from the moment they join their talent network to the moment they walk through their clients’ doors — working hand-in-hand at every step of the process to gain a deeper understanding of their needs, capabilities, and career goals. As a result of their perfect match, over 70 percent of their candidates have been asked to extend their assignments. But more than that, 100 percent of them are hired for the positions that truly match their skills and aspirations.

Contact Info:

150 Presidential Way, 3rd Floor Woburn, MA 01801