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Prime Time Healthcare

Prime Time Healthcare is a privately owned company that specializes in the placement of CNAs, LPNs, and RNs.

Career Opportunities: LPN, CNA, RN, & Allied
Type of Assignments: Nationwide
Size of Company: 1000 +
Name Not Number: They have one on one designated support from our Recruiters which also entails weekly communication, check-ins, and we make our nurses feel apart of our team.
Clinical Nurse Liaison?: Yes
NATHO?: Joint Commission Certified Only
Nurse Recruiter Fit: We strongly believe in making these connections over the phone rather than text or email. We encourage our recruiters to stay in constant contact with their travelers via the phone so they can help them out quickly and efficiently. It is also easier to build those relationships over the phone rather than text or email. We also have Q/A with the traveler for feedback on the Recruiter.
Insurance: United healthcare which includes medical, dental, and vision coverage
401k: We offer 401k benefits for our travelers
Other Benefits: Paid Time Off, schedule flexibility, short term disability insurance
What makes you more than just another recruiter: For Travelers, we offer hard working recruiters that are always there for you to help no matter what. We strive to have great communication with our travelers to let them know we are here for them. We are always one of the companies that is offering Great pay packages for assignments. We help our travelers to make the onboarding process as simple and painless as possible.
Anything Else?: We have been Voted Best Travel Company in 2018 for a reason, because our nurses appreciate how we are honest and helpful for them.

Contact Info:

14811 Shepard Street Omaha, NE. 68138