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Next Travel Nursing

Next Travel Nursing
Next Travel Nursing offers excellent travel opportunities for RNs. They have immediate access to thousands of high-paying jobs across the country. Their goal is to match the right nurse with the right job.

Next Medical Staffing hasRN opportunities throughout the United States. They are a medium sized agency who is a part of Health Carousel withMedical Staffing Options and Tailored Healthcare.  They are not publicly traded.

Although you may be contacted by support staff in compliance, payroll, or benefits, you and your recruiter will never lose touch.  Your recruiter is your single point of contact at all times.  While you may interact with support people in compliance and payroll, you and your recruiter will never lose touch.

Their CNO oversees an entire clinical team with an emergency contact line that rings directly to each member of the team.  And yes, they are a member of NATHO and have received the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission.

Next Medical Staffing allows nurses to view bios of all recruiters on our website before deciding who to work with. If it turns out it's not a great fit, a request can be put in to have a new recruiter assigned.

They offer several plans through United Health Care,with the lowest at $10 per week. Their vision and dental are offered through MetLife.  They also offer a 401k with a company match of 33% of your salary deferrals up to the first 6% of your eligible compensation.  Other benefits include voluntary life and AD&D, voluntary short or long-term disability, Employee Connect Lifeworks (licensed video counseling for mental, legal, or financial issues),paid sick leave within eligible states.

Next Travel Nursing is a staffing agency that knows strong nurse-recruiter relationships aren’t easy to come by, but believes they are totally essential. Next has immediate access to thousands of jobs paying top dollar all over the country—what’s important to them,though, is matching the right nurse with the right job. What truly sets us apart is that we let travelers choose the recruiter they want to work with,rather than the agency blindly assigning a recruiter to them. Each Next recruiter is specialty-focused, so they have a deeper understanding of your specialty. You will find that our recruiters put a premium on their relationship with you, communicating in a friendly and refreshing way. Next wants everything before, during, and after your travel assignment to feel effortless. They do that by being a friend and providing awesome service and amazing benefits. Try Next. They will match you with the perfect recruiter—it will lead to the perfect assignment!

Contact Info:

3601 Rigby Rd., Suite 200 Miamisburg, OH 45342
(877) 480-6398