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Magnet Medical

We are a newer agency however we collectively have over 30+ years of experience. Over the years we've learned that the benefits, jobs and basic company offerings are similar however we are different in the fact we do treat our nurses/health care providers as individuals and not a number.

Career Opportunities: RN, LPN, Cath Lab RN, Cath Lab Tech, SLP, PT, OT

Type of Assignments: Nationwide

Size of Company: Small, Private Company

Name Not Number: We are a small company and want to stay a small company in order to offer a strong relationship with our travelers where they are individuals and not a number. We work together as a team to ensure that we can meet the needs of all of our travelers as well. We have a mentality where we are all in it together in order to make the nurses experience as best as possible so they can focus on the important things such as patient care.

Clinical Nurse Liaison?: Yes, She is available 24/7

NATHO?: Yes, we just received our Joint Commission Certification this month!

Nurse Recruiter Fit: We allow our nurses to work with 1 recruiter of their choice in order for them to feel as comfortable as possible. Again, our main focus is to create long lasting relationships with our travelers and ensure they have the best experience possible.

Insurance: Blue Cross and Blue Shied Health Insurance, Dental and Vision Insurance

401k: We do not have 401K set up however that is a benefit we will be adding in the future.

Other Benefits: We offer 40 hours of vacation after 1500 hours of work, we offer reimbursement of all credentials, $400 annually for CEU's, etc
What makes you more than just another recruiter: We feel our company is set apart because we are smaller and treat each person as an individual as each situation is different for each person we employ so we are flexible as we understand no two situations are the same. In addition, we hire the best recruiters who have experience and/or are taught that providing the best experience for the nurse is our number 1 priority.

Contact Info:

6457 Frances Street, Suite 180, Omaha, NE 68106