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Horizons Healthcare Agency

Horizons Healthcare Agency
Because Healthcare Matters

Horizons Healthcare is a small to medium agency that staffs:RNs, LPNs, CNAs, CMAs, RTs, and other allied health positions.  They do not only offer nationwide assignmentsbut also have assignments in Guam.  

They are nurse-owned and pride themselves on a personalrecruiter experience.  Their employeesare family-from, sending personalized gifts for birthdays & holidays toassisting through tough times.  Theyalways try to be there for their healthcare professionals.  The owner is a nurse and acts as the ClinicalNurse Liaison.  They are both Joint CommissionCertified and a member of NATHO.

Horizons Healthcare has UnitedHealthcare medical insurance with a 401k in the works.  Other benefits include same-day pay, certificationreimbursement, arrival and end of contract bonus, and referral bonuses.’

They can honestly say that theyare always here for their employees. Love would love to continue to create great relationships with thetravel nurse community.

Contact Info:

1446 N. 4th St. Chillicothe, IL


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