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Health Carousel Travel Nursing

Health Carousel Travel Nursing
We approach everything we do with professionalism and fairness, with the mindset to always do what is right. This trickles down to our policies and the practices that we have in place, and it's supported by the training and expertise that we teach to our recruitment team. We empower our recruiters to be knowledgeable about the industry, legal requirements, best practices, and potential pitfalls - because we truly believe that our recruiters make the difference in the nurse experience as a traveler. We are quick to fix any mistakes that we do make, and we're eager to over-deliver for those healthcare professionals that make the conscious choice to make THS one of their preferred agencies.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing (HCTN) is a large that places RNs andSurgical Techs throughout the nation. They understand that their nurses are their number one asset. The nurses are thereason they are in business! Travelers receive 24/7 personal attention fromtheir staff.

HCTN offers the benefits of larger companies while receiving the personalized attention of smaller ones.Their recruiters are exceptional career coaches who are dedicated and easily accessible. They have dedicated credentialing and housing departments as well who work with each nurse individually to make sure every assignment goes smoothly. They treat their travel professionals just as they do their internal staff. That’s why THS travel nurses are entitled to the same industry-leading benefits, including 1st-day platinum level medical insurance, 401kwith a match, paid state licensure, and their Corporate Rewards Program.  They are also a member of NATHO.

Their goal is to provide nurses with a tailored traveling experience over the course of many successful and fulfilling assignments. The nurse-recruiter relationshipis at the core of this goal. A testament to their success in this area is their high rate of assignment extensions, nurses who have been traveling with them for many years, and their large number of referrals from nurses who love working with their recruiters. Additionally,they are always looking for feedback from their travelers. If ever an issue arises, they are here to listen and to fix the problem.

HCTN offers first-day platinum level medicalinsurance from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield for $18 per week. Health Carousel makes substantial contributions so they can provide a high-quality plan at low rates. They offervision, dental, and life insurance as well. Internal employees receive the same high-quality insurance options as their travelers.

They offer a 401k plan with a company match of10% of the first 6% of contributions. Employees have their choice of either traditional pre-tax or post-tax Roth plans. They have a large selection of funds to choose from so that travelers can meet their retirement goals.

Weekly pay and direct deposit, customized housing options for travelers, their families, and pets, travel reimbursement, paid state licensure, dedicated recruiters with after-hour call availability, professional liability insurance, Corporate Rewards Program – covering car rentals, airfare,etc., financial support for CEUs, choice of company paid housing or housing stipends, tax advantage pay packages with per diems or fully taxable paypackages, assignments across the country in both big cities and rural areas, Referral Bonuses, Extension Bonuses, Completion Bonuses and Holiday Bonuses.

IncrediblePeople – The culture at HCTN is unrivaled. Their recruiters are great people,full of energy, personality, and insight on the RN travel market. They’re not just recruiters, they’re exceptional career coaches if you’d like them to be.

They’reSocial – They’re not just on social media, we’re actively engaging nearly 30,000 nurses every day on their Facebook and Twitter pages! While many use these platforms to pedal jobs, they are writing unique industry content and sharing the best nursing stories and memes on the internet!

PlatinumLevel Benefits – Every agency has benefits. At HCTN, they try to provide theirnurses with the best options on the market, like low-cost platinum level health insurance starting on day one of your assignment. A 401k retirement plan with employer match tops off an unbeatable package.

JointCommission Certification – Joint Commission accreditation and certification isrecognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting specific performance standards. At their last re-certification, they were honored to receive a perfect score with no deficiencies. This is a reflection of their efforts to the employee the highest quality standards in the industry.

You’llMake & Save Lots of Money – Aside from the high pay you expect, Health Carousel offers many ways to helpnurses save including financial support to continue education (CEU), paid statelicensure, travel reimbursement, and access to their corporate rewards programdiscounts on car rentals, airfare, andeveryday purchases.

Contact Info:

4030 Smith Rd, Suite 50 Cincinnati, OH 45206