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Fusion Medical Staffing

Fusion Medical Staffing
Fusion Medical Staffing places both nursing and allied healthcare travelers to include: RN, LPN, CNA, Surg Techs, OT, PT, COTA, PTA, SLP, & Lab staff nationwide.

Fusion offers a variety of nursing career opportunities including: Med Surg, Tele, Psych, Postpartum/Mother Baby, PEDS, PCU/Stepdown, PACU, ICU, ER, OR, L&D, NICU, CVICU, CVOR, Sterile Processor & Certified Sterile Tech/OR Tech. They are a small to medium company that is continuing to grow. They place travelers on assignment in all 50 states!

From the beginning, Fusion has always invested a lot of time in relationship building with their travelers. They know that they are a partial lifeline to travelers which pushes us to go the extra mile when and where they need us. Whether it's making sure they don't submit them to an assignment till they're sure it's the right fit, or making sure that if something goes awry, they're just a phone call away - they try their best to be there!

Fusion brought their Clinical Nurse Liaison, Casey Morrison, RN, BSN, in 2017. She is a great resource for travelers during business hours, and brings lots of insight that helps us improve and critique processes. They love having her! Quality care is also shown by their participation as a Join Commission certified agency, and they also belong to NATHO!

Among the many conversations that they have with travelers, they do their best to make sure that the recruiter and traveler have a good working relationship. They send surveys and review opportunities to travelers based on certain interactions and conversations they've had with them. From there, they're able to not only improve their recruiting techniques and training, but they're able to reconnect with travelers that may have had a less than awesome experience and try to fix it.

Fusion offers their travelers Blue Cross Blue Shield medical insurance and Ameritas dental and vision insurance. They also offer a 401k retirement plan through Empower Retirement. Travelers are eligible to participate in the plan after 30 days of employment with Fusion. With that, they offer a company match after travelers have worked for 1 year and 1,000 hours. They will match 100% on the first 3% of a traveler's contribution, and 50% on the next 2%. In total, if a traveler is contributing at least 5%, Fusion will match the travelers contribution at 4%. Fusion also offers competitive pay packages, per diem, direct deposit, professional liability insurance, certified reimbursement, short-term disability and worker's comp insurance!

They continues to grow, but they don't leave their culture behind. They stand by their core values (humble, driven and positive) in everything that they do and that is what makes us different. Their main drive isn't to have the most travelers or to be number one at the expense of employees, it's to continue growing and evolving while their travelers benefit and have great experiences.

While they hate to be repetitive, Fusion DOES want to stress that they are truly interested in the best possible outcomes for travelers. They foster relationships, offer competitive pay and benefits and strive to provide their travelers with great customer service so that they know they truly have their back.

Contact Info:

11808 Grant Street, Suite 100 Omaha, NE 68164