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CrossMed Healthcare

We are women owned and operated with an intention to remain small to ensure a team feel rather than being just a number.

CrossMed is women-owned and operated to remain small to ensure a team feels rather than just a number.  They staff RNs, LPNs, Surgical Techs, & Cath Lab professionals nationwide.  

They are a boutique agency, an international small to medium-sized agency focusing on providing nurses the best experience to ensure top quality while traveling.  They are Joint Commission certified and have a nurse liaison available, with the ability to get back to individuals within 24 hours.  Additionally, CrossMed wished to ensure the best experience per traveler, so it is possible to speak with another individual about future and current assignments upon request.

Their insurance is through United Healthcare.  Vision and dental are included in which MetLife takes care of those.  A 401K is offered!  With company matching 100% up to 3% of income AND additional .5% up to 5% of income.

At CrossMed, you only have one person of contact.  This means you can have your answers within minutes, making the experience special.  They are women-owned and operated to remain small to ensure a team feels rather than just a number.  They are giving a family-like experience while providing assignments to our heroes.

They work diligently to provide the most fantastic experience as a smaller company.  With over 30 years of experience combined, they understand the industry.  With individuals coming from larger agencies, their goal is to ensure our travelers feel at home within the agency.

Contact Info:

1010 North 96th St Suite 200, Omaha NE 68114


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