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Convergence Medical Staffing

Convergence Medical Staffing
Convergence Medical Staffing is a medium sized company that provides nationwide career opportunities for RN's, LPN, OT, PT, SLP, Med Lab Tech, Med Tech, Rad Tech, and other various allied healthcare modalities.

Career Opportunities: We provide travel assignments (only) to RN's, LPN's, OT's, PT's, ST's, PTA's, COTA', MED TECH's, and most other Allied Health specialties. 

Type of Assignments: We multiple client facilities and travel assignments in each of the 50 states. 

Size of Company: Our organization is privately owned and we are medium sized. 

Name Not Number: Existing staff are followed up with on a weekly basis to ensure appropriate support. New staff members are introduced to each department through the Managing Director. We collectively decide on a Featured Traveler monthly to profile on our website. That function alone helps us to get to know our travelers on a more personal basis (as a group, beyond just our recruiters). As a group, we collectively discuss any challenges, births, deaths, non-confidential information, etc. that affect our travelers and assure proper care and sensitivity with them during these periods. We are sensitive to the needs of our travelers and support them appropriately. Each and every traveler is given the direct dial phone number for 24/7 emergent issues that arise, have the direct phone number to our Managing Director and recruiters are required to respond to travelers immediately, with the aim on issues being resolved the same day (or within 24 hours). 

Clinical Nurse Liaison?: Yes. Our Director of Nursing is available 24/7, but is notified through the Traveler's recruiter. The recruiter is always the first point of contact and the recruiter does the "foot work" for the traveler so that the Traveler is contacted immediately. 

NATHO?: We are Joint Commission Certified (since 2014) and do not belong to NATHO at this time; however, previously, our Managing Director helped to financially sponsor the start of NATHO. 

Nurse Recruiter Fit: Recruiters frequently discuss the work/relationship status in quality meetings. Since all Travelers have the direct phone number of the Managing Director, Traveler's can call with complaints. Should the relationship between Recruiter and Traveler not be suitable and/or resolveable, a new Recruiter is identified to care for the Traveler. Insurance: Our benefits provided by the following: Major Medical Blue Cross/Blue Shield Dental Insurance Companion Life Accident Insurance Allstate IRA Account American Funds Short Term Disability Companion Life Life Insurance Companion Life 

401k: We do not provide a 401k program at this time. In a survey conducted one year ago, our Travelers determined that they preferred to have another benefit to replace the 401k plan. We started offering an IRA Account in place of the 401k, which provides that participants can gain access to the funds in a simpler fashion should they need it. There are less tax consequences as well. 

Other Benefits: Six Bonus programs, ranging from a credentialing bonus of $100 to a Tenure Bonus ($2000). Other bonuses range around $1000.; Paid Time Off: Accrued through working hours; We offer a housing discount card for travelers who select to receive a housing stipend, should they be interested. The program offers 15% - 45% discounts at 11,000 hotels across the nation (locations are within 10 miles of medical facilities); one of the largest coupon memberships of name brand restaurant and retail discounts across the nation; 24/7 support with a live person for emergent situations; Travel Pay; Direct Deposit; Weekly Pay; Paid Liability Insurance. 

What makes you more than just another recruiter: The relationship with our Travelers is sacred. We are comprehensively supportive of them. We establish mutual relationships to the point where we're basically all family. Trust issues? It's grounds for termination for our entire staff, so honesty and upfront practices are always our priority. Although we EARN your trust, we require MUTUAL respect. 

Anything Else?: We have staff who have traveled with us for nearly the entire existence of our company. You can't earn that without doing things right and doing what is right. We're good listeners, but need to you to be as well. Our retention rate for travelers is exceptional, which means overall satisfaction with our opportunities, compensation and support. In our 2018 Traveler Satisfaction Survey, we received a 100% Satisfaction Rate; however, 91% ranked us as "Exceeds Expectations". We're all approachable, make ourselves available and treat all requests and issues urgently (strive for a 24 hour turnaround). PLUS... we're FUN!

Contact Info:

5200 Seventy-Seven Center Drive, Suite 550 Charlotte, NC 28217