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AHS Staffing - NurseStat, Medstat

AHS Staffing - NurseStat, Medstat
At AHS, we believe several things stand us apart from other firms: 1) Having a menu of options! AHS has a full menu of divisions, offering both nursing and full allied assignments. This is important for traveling couples, who may be of different disciplines, but want to travel together! 2) Having licensed clinicians as part of our Management & Recruiting team allows us to better understand the needs and desires of travelers, and offer appropriate assignments tailored to clinical skillset. 3) Having licensed clinicians as part of our Management team allows us to address any clinical situations and issues from an informed perspective. 4) Having clinicians who have been travelers in the past allows us to better understand and connect with our travelers, and assist in their success. 5) Being JCAHO certified allows us to ensure our processes are tried & tested, reassuring our travelers of our commitment to quality! 6) Choices! At AHS, we believe it is ALL about the travelers and finding successful fits for their career goals and experiences! For that reason, we offer as many choices as we can, putting the traveler in the driver’s seat. 7) Safety! Because we adhere tightly to government guidelines on per diems, housing reimbursements, travel and tax allowances, our travelers can rest knowing they will not be jeopardized or put at any risk. 8) 24/7/365 Support! Because AHS is available all day, every day, our travelers know they can reach us at anytime should they need support. 9) Ease! Because AHS offers online applications with simple, easy-to-use credentialing, our travelers can complete required documents and forms with ease. We believe it should be easy for travelers to connect with us, apply with us, and renew with us! 10) Competitive pay! Since AHS is a mid-size firm, we are big enough to offer many assignments across the country, but small enough to offer the most competitive pay packages! 11) Referral program! Since the bulk of our travelers come to us from referrals, we believe our travelers should be rewarded for this. AHS offers a referral program that pays the referring source monthly even if the referring source is not working for AHS!

AHS offers RN, LPN, RRT, with a full menu of allied positions and Pharmacy positions as well!  They are a medium to large agency that is not publicaly traded.  They do have assignments nationwide.  

They are well known for having clinicians, RNs and other healthcare professionals, on staff. Additionally, these clinicians have had previous travel experience of their own. This allows them to understand their travelers both on a clinical and professional level. It is their #1 priority to customize our packages to the individual nurse or medical traveler.

AHS prides itself on having both Nurse and RT clinical representatives, available 24 hours, 365 days/year.  To insure quality of care they are also Joint Commission certified and have been for quite a few years.  

They spend time screening travelers for personality fits and preferences in order to match them with a recruiter who is both knowledgeable in their respective clinical field, has experience with that particular medical traveler, and a personality / style that matches the traveler.

AHS offers a multitude of United Healthcare plans which the traveler can select from. Their benefit packages also offer vision, dental, 401K, pet insurance, life insurance and so many more benefits including a great 401k program.   They offer to all employees, with a company match of 4%!  Other Benefits include a comprehensive plan of medical, vision, dental, 401K, pet insurance, life insurance and so many more benefits!

They are operated by healthcare clinicians - who have had previous travel experience. They value their travelers by being in tune to their individual preferences and experience to find the right assignment for them; they customize their pay packages to how the traveler wants; and they pride themselves on referrals and traveler satisfaction.

AHS is committed to their success, both professionally and clinically. They see it as their goal to SATISFY and provide fulfilling work opportunities to their travelers. Their sole focus is to support their travelers.

Contact Info:

3051 Willowood Dr.,
Edmond, OK, 73034