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About Highway Hypodermics

And Kay Slane, RN, BS, CGM

Highway Hypodermics, LLC® is dedicated to providing quality and up to date information to travel nurses around the world to assist them in finding the adventure of a lifetime.  As the longest running informational website for travel healthcare, run by a former travel nurse, it is our mission to bridge the gap between traveling nurses and travel nurse companies.  Only by education on how to be a quality traveling nurse and how to be a quality traveler recruiting agency can we change the image of both sides.
Drawing on her 30 years of nursing experience with 19 of those in the travel healthcare industry, she has traveled in the areas of rehab, telemetry, emergency room, and since 2010 as a House Supervisor.  Currently, she works from home educating nurses on becoming better travelers through her books, several travel nursing groups, and her recent development of a travel nursing university.  She also wrote the book on Travel Nursing:  “Highway Hypodermics:  Travel Nursing 20XX.”  Along with “A Newbies Guide to Travel Nursing” and “Finding The Right Travel Nursing Agency.”  In fact, all three books were in the Top 20 together in the nursing Issues, Trends, and Roles category on Amazon.