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Travel Nurse across America

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At Travel Nurse across America (TNAA), they specialize in 8 to 26 week travel assignments for registered nurses. The typical assignment is 13 weeks.  They focus on exceeding expectations and take pride in the fact that they provide highly personalized service and accommodate each nurse's unique needs and career plans. They place a high value on individual attention, respect, and a genuine commitment to every nurse we work with. Their entire staff builds positive, long-lasting connections with the travel nurses we serve. 

Travel Nurse across America is a medium-sized company who places nurses all over the United States, but do not currently offer international assignments.  Being a medium sized company allows them access to a wide array of clients while, at the same time, helps them stay nimble and able to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace. Because they are not a huge organization, their recruiters are able to spend time getting to know the nurses they work with, thereby providing highly personalized service.  They have representatives on call 24/7/365 so that you can reach someone who has the authority to address any issues that might arise while you are on assignment. After-hours calls are answered by a live person so that you receive immediate attention. Typically the on-board process takes between two and four weeks, based on both the hospital and nurses' needs, desires, and readiness. If a traveler is truly ready to go, and the hospital is ready to receive, they can take a nurse from acceptance of application to their first day on the job in less than two weeks.

They offer an extremely competitive benefit package, including:

• Your Way Is Paid. They pay all costs associated with getting the licenses and certifications you need for the travel assignment you’ve accepted. They also arrange and pay for any physical examinations and immunizations you may need to start working.
• Guaranteed pay. If you’ve contracted to work 36 or 40 hours each week and the hospital census drops to the point that you’re not needed for a day, don’t worry. If your paycheck is going to be less than normal due to low census, they’ll make up the difference.
• Tax-Advantage. They’ll help you understand whether you qualify for our tax-advantage program and, if you do, leverage the use of it.
• Travel Money. They reimburse for up to $1,000 in expenses for you to get to your assignment. How you choose to travel is up to you. If you’re working close to home and don’t need travel expense money they roll what they would have reimbursed into a higher hourly pay rate.
• Housing. They offer several housing options to fit our nurse’s individual needs. You can chose from high-quality, furnished, private, company provided housing with 100% of the utilities paid. A housing subsidy or, you can opt for our Housing Assistance Program (HAP). HAP pays our nurses like a housing subsidy but their housing specialist does all the work of finding housing, utilities, furniture, etc for them. They do the work and you reap the benefits!
• Free Continuing Education. When you travel with us, you have access to more than 400 CE courses online through CE Direct. There is no limit on the number of courses you can take.
• Insurance. Their travelers are covered from day 1! They offer a low-deductible PPO plan through United Healthcare that covers doctor visits, wellness exams, diagnostic tests, prescription medications, and hospitalization. TNAA pays 100% of their traveler’s premium and spouse and/or children can be added at a low cost. Their comprehensive insurance package also offers dental insurance through Delta Dental and liability. Their insurance are as good as you’ll find anywhere in the industry.
• Multiple Bonus Opportunities. They offer all of the usual sign on, completion, extension, and referral bonus plans, but their unique extra shift bonus is the one that nurses seem to love the most. If a hospital offers you extra shifts and you accept, you get a bonus in additional to the usual extra pay you earn.

o Loyalty Bonus program. This unique program allows you to earn points for every hour you work and redeem those points for cash anytime you’re on assignment with them. There is no limit to the number of points you can earn and you can use them for anything – home improvements, holiday shopping, to build up your rainy day fund, to tap into when you miss work due to illness, or to give yourself a paid vacation.
o Referral Bonus. Their Referral Bonus plan is different from other firms. When you refer a colleague who works with them for at least eight weeks, you get $500 – half up front and half when they complete their assignment.

• Assignment Benefits Summary. For each assignment you’re considering with Travel Nurse across America you’ll receive a one-page document that spells out your hourly rate, applicable taxes, benefits, and your net take home pay, both weekly and for the length of the assignment.
• JobWatch. This one-of-a-kind program notifies you immediately by email or text message when a job you’ve been waiting for becomes available.


They consistently hear from our nurses that their obvious focus on personal attention is the single most important reason for their enduring loyalty to TNAA.  They don’t take that loyalty for granted and they’re always looking for new and better ways to make their nurses feel like they are part of their family.  We have both a Clinical Nurse Liaison and a Director or Nursing who are avaiable 24/7.

Travel Nurse across America is Joint Commission Certified and have been awarded a Gold Seal of Approval. Meeting high quality standards and adhering to the most stringent clinical and ethical criteria in the industry is very important to them. They have been a member of NATHO since it’s inception.

They screen and hire their internal recruiters based on their experience and ability to understand what nurses want and need. It almost never happens, but if a travel nurse ever feels that a recruiter is not a good match for them they will happily assign them to someone else within the firm.

Their travelers are covered from day 1 with a quality PPO! They offer a low-deductible plan through United Healthcare that covers doctor visits, wellness exams, diagnostic tests, prescription medications, and hospitalization. TNAA pays 100% of their traveler’s premium and spouse and/or children can be added at a low cost. Their comprehensive insurance package also offers dental insurance through Delta Dental and liability. Their insurance are as good as you’ll find anywhere in the industry.

They don’t offer a 401K at this time. Instead, we have several unique bonus programs that nurses can participate in to boost their income and contribute all or part of that bonus money to their own personal retirement plan.

Call them to talk about what you want from your travel nursing career. They will listen and you will be happy you made the connection – they promise. 


Highway Line

For More Information Contact:
Travel Nurse across America
5020 Northshore Dr., Suite 2
North Little Rock, AR  72118


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